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Babierge Independent Trusted Partners Providing Service in Many US Locations Chicago, Illinois Memphis, Tennessee Santa Fe, New Mexico Albuquerque, New Mexico San Francisco Bay Area, California Oakland and East Bay, California Los Angeles, California Orange County, California Kalamazoo, Michigan Phoenix, Arizona Austin, Texas San Antonio, Texas Fairfax, Virginia and Washington DC Fort Collins, Colorado Milwaukee, Wisconsin Port Orchard, Tacoma Washington Hampton Roads, Virginia Boston, Massachusetts Miami, Florida Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina Denver, Colorado San Diego, California Vancouver British Columbia, Canada Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota Detroit, Michigan Houston, Texas Clark County, Washtington Lake Tahoe, Nevada

Babierge has Independent Trusted Partners in the following areas...
Arizona: Phoenix
California: Los Angeles | Oakland | Orange County | San Diego | San Francisco Bay Area
Colorado: Denver | Fort Collins
Florida: Miami
Illinois: Chicago
Massachusetts: Boston
Michigan: Detroit | Kalamazoo
Minnesota: Minneapolis and St. Paul
Nevada: Lake Tahoe
New Mexico: Albuquerque and Rio Rancho | Santa Fe
North Carolina: Raleigh/Durham
Oregon: Portland
Pennsylvania: Philadelphia
Tennessee: Memphis
Texas: Austin | Houston| San Antonio
Virginia: Fairfax County | Hampton Roads
Washington: Port Orchard | Clark County
Washington DC: DC Metro
Wisconsin: Milwaukee

International: Vancouver, CA

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What is Babierge?

For traveling families, who are seeking convenience and the least amount of disruption in their routine, Babierge is the first collaborative economy tech platform that allows you to rent baby equipment that can be delivered and setup for you and your family.

Unlike having to borrow, having grandparents spend lots of money, or lugging everything through the airport, Babierge allows you to choose the perfect items for your family while Trusted Partners, who are independent providers, graciously provide high-end quality, personal customer service.

Ultimately, for us, the world would be a better place if parents felt great about traveling as a family knowing they had on-demand access to familiar products and services while away from home.

Our Customers Love Babierge

  • Make reservation online
  • Choose from many products
  • Receive safe and clean, top-notch products
  • High-end quality, personal customer service

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Are you seeking flexibility, working from home, making significant income, doing simple wholehearted work? If so, we have your dream job! Sign up to use Babierge to list baby equipment for rent. We've got your back - we handle much of the business process allowing you the freedom to build your own company, that works best for your family.

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Our High-End Quality, Personal Customer Service


Customer Service

High-end quality, personal customer service is very important to us, so it should be for you as well. We continually strive to provide the best possible care for our customers and the baby equipment. We try and make ourselves available at all times and for any reason. We want to exceed your expectations, everytime.

Clean and Safe

Safety of children is our top priority. We register our equipment and act quickly to fix any recall or safety issues. We clean our items after each rental with natural-based cleaners that are safe for babies. We launder and wash all linens in chemical and fragrant-free detergent.

Delivery and Setup

We love to provide complete customer service so we do deliver, setup, and take away the rented items.