Rest Easy! Our Babierge Independent Trusted Partners provide insured, safe, and clean baby equipment rentals.
Insured and Safe

Babierge Baby Equipment Rentals


Facts About Our Trusted Partners

One Hundred Babierge Trusted Partners

Babierge is the leading baby gear rental platform connecting gig-economy baby gear rental entrepreneurs, called Trusted Partners,with families traveling to their area, or local grandparents hosting visiting grandchildren. Trusted Partners rent, deliver and set up exceptionally clean baby gear they own at a family’s hotel or vacation rental, and then return to pick it up on departure day.

An Army of (Mom) Entrepreneurs
Trusted Partners are often moms with young children (although some are dads and retired folks), seeking a side gig that is enjoyable and meaningful. In about two weeks they move through the Babierge application and training process to launch their own business on the Babierge platform. Trusted Partners select the gear they want to rent and set their own prices and delivery fees. Babierge trains them in all aspects of the baby gear business including gear safety and cleanliness, hospitality industry customer service, sales and marketing.


  • Paid about 2 days after a reservation is made. This means new Trusted Partners can list gear on the Babierge platform, but purchase it only after getting paid for an order.
  • Receive 80% of their platform rental revenue and 100% of their delivery fees and tips.
  • Pay for commercial general liability insurance.
  • On average receive over $600/month plus tips, second only to Airbnb hosts for gig economy income. Some earn several thousand dollars in most months. Estimated hourly rate of over $40 is one of the best rates in the gig economy.

trusted partners collaborating

Collaboration and Community
Babierge Trusted Partners are solo entrepreneurs who benefit from the insight and experience of more than one hundred fifty other baby gear rental entrepreneurs. Through weekly video conference meetings, drop-in office hours, and participation in a lively and supportive private Facebook Mastermind community, questions about baby gear, marketing, sales and the best tools and apps for running their business get answered--quickly! Trusted Partners commonly collaborate on large orders in their market, so no one Trusted Partner has to maintain large inventory levels. Within the Babierge community we value authenticity, a positive attitude, diversity and support for each other.

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