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Items for Rent

$7.00 per day (USD)
about 15 toys meant for 0-1 year olds

More info on baby toys - 0 to 1yr rental...

$9.00 per day (USD)
hiking or extended walking essential, heavy duty

More info on backpack kid carrier rental...

$8.00 per day (USD)
This bath toy package comes with a small basket of toys meant for the bathtub. Make bath time fun while away

More info on bath toy package rental...

$5.00 per day (USD)
fits in bath tub, has sling for infants, up to 1yr old

More info on bath tub rental...

$5.00 per day (USD)
$5.00 per day (USD)
$5.00 per day (USD)
for the older kiddos, instructions included

More info on booster car seat rental...

$6.00 per day (USD)
for older infants and toddlers with safety belt

More info on booster chair rental...

$5.00 per day (USD)
musical vibrating seat with safety belt

More info on bouncer seat rental...

$12.00 per day (USD)
convertible car seat can face front or back, comes with instructions

More info on convertible car seat rental...

$4.00 per day (USD)
put on table, dresser, or bed to save your back, safety first

More info on diaper changing pad with security belt rental...

$11.00 per day (USD)
can accommodate 2 children, larger child in front, smaller in back

More info on double stroller rental...

$7.00 per day (USD)
a favorite, baby turns 360 for a new toy every 5 inches

More info on exersaucer rental...

$4.00 per day (USD)
great for washing hands and brushing teeth

More info on foot stool rental...

$20.00 per day (USD)
full-size wooden crib, mattress, mattress cover, and sheet

More info on full-size crib with linens rental...

$9.00 per day (USD)
has straps, reclines, and can be put at different heights, removable tray

More info on full-size high chair rental...

$12.00 per day (USD)
booster harness car seat fits toddlers and older, comes with instructions

More info on harness booster car seat rental...

$12.00 per day (USD)
rear-facing for infants, comes with instructions

More info on infant car seat rental...

$7.00 per day (USD)
fun for hours, lights, music, and jumping

More info on jumperoo rental...

$14.00 per day (USD)
32 gallon plastic tub full of toys, 10 books, and a ride-on toy, Save $

More info on keep it exciting rental...

$5.00 per day (USD)
hear the baby with this audio monitor

More info on monitor rental...

$7.00 per day (USD)
toys meant to be played with in the dirt

More info on outside toy package rental...

$10.00 per day (USD)
pad, mattress cover, and sheet

More info on pack'n play rental...

$40.00 to purchase (USD)
Large box of 64 diapers and sensitive wipes and box

More info on pampers and wipes rental...

$6.00 per day (USD)
perfect for the babies

More info on play mat rental...

$9.00 per day (USD)
$7.00 per day (USD)
easy to move from room to room or in the car

More info on portable swing rental...

$4.00 per day (USD)
$5.00 per day (USD)
sturdy and has rubber pads on the bottom

More info on potty chair rental...

$4.00 per day (USD)
$7.00 per day (USD)
portable sleep seat that rocks, infants only

More info on rocking sleeper rental...

$8.00 per day (USD)
From baby steps to big steps, this helps your baby develop from a crawler to a walker through adaptive technology. There are activities included on this toy and can be used in a sit down or walking manner

More info on sit and stand walker rental...

$10.00 per day (USD)
simple full feature stroller

More info on stroller rental...

$9.00 per day (USD)
2 swinging motions, music, variable speeds

More info on swing rental...

$8.00 per day (USD)
$8.00 per day (USD)
huge 32 gal tub full of toys, custom based on age and gender

More info on toy package rental...

$36.00 per day (USD)
Sandra Gordon

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Delivery, Setup & Pickup Fees

  • - Weston $20 (USD)
  • - Westport $20 (USD)
  • - Wilton $20 (USD)
  • - Norwalk $20 (USD)
  • - Darien $30 (USD)
  • - Fairfield $30 (USD)
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  • - New Haven $45 (USD)
  • - Milford $40 (USD)
  • - Wallingford $45 (USD)
  • - New Fairfield $45 (USD)
  • - Ridgefield $25 (USD)
  • - Southport $20 (USD)
  • - Trumbull $35 (USD)
  • - Stratford $40 (USD)
  • - Monroe $40 (USD)
  • - Shelton $40 (USD)
  • - Bethel $45 (USD)
  • - Brookfield $45 (USD)
  • - Old Greenwich $30 (USD)
  • - Noroton $30 (USD)
  • - Cos Cob $30 (USD)
  • - Scarsdale, NY $75 (USD)
  • - White Plains, NY $75 (USD)
  • - Larchmont, NY $75 (USD)
  • - Wallingford $50 (USD)
  • - Orders over $500 $0 (USD)
  • - If your city/town isn't listed, please call/text for a quote. $0 (USD)

Extended Rental Discounts

  • Daily rate for days 1-8
  • Rental of 9-16 days: 10% off
  • Rental of 17-24 days: 20% off
  • Rental of 24+ days: 30% off