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Rebecca McParland
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Reviews for Rebecca McParland, Babierge Independent Trusted Partner

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Pleasant Experience

Rebecca was very accommodating and reliable with ensuring our order arrived on time. She made sure to be available to coordinate drop off at our hotel and meeting us at the airport with carseats. She was on time, pleasant and went the extra mile. Her sweet welcome gift and follow up thank you note shows how she goes the extra mile! As well, we all know how stressful traveling with young children is, Rebecca and her offering made our entire travel experience more pleasant. I would use her service again! Thank you Rebecca.

Cleanliness: 3 stars | Condition of items: 3 stars | Customer service: 5 stars | Friendliness/accommodating: 5 stars | Recommend: 5 stars

Marsha Klein, Port Washington, NY US | Aug 28, 2017
Mostly good...

We found that Rebecca was responsive and helpful. We did find, though, that some of the items she gave us were not in the condition I'd expect from a rental service. We had to clean many of the toys she gave us before letting our kids play with them. The portable high chairs she gave us were so covered in food residue, mold, and smelled terrible, that we couldn't even bring them in the house. She did help by replacing these with regular high chairs but told us that the others were "camping quality" so that's what we should have expected. Camping or not, I wouldn't have let my kids near those chairs. It's fair to expect that a rental service cleans all of its products before handing them to a customer. We also had hoped that the dishes offered would have been better quality -- the sippy cups were the cheapest quality (probably cheaper than it cost to rent them) and leaked so badly we had to buy our own after 1 day. Overall this was a very convenient service. Our kids liked having the toys, the stroller was helpful, and the cribs with linens were exactly what we asked for. I hope this service continues, and improves as time goes on.

Cleanliness: 1 stars | Condition of items: 3 stars | Customer service: 5 stars | Friendliness/accommodating: 4 stars | Recommend: 4 stars

Customer, Minneapolis, MN US | Aug 22, 2017