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Press Coverage

Venture Beat

April 19, 2018
Babierge raises $1.3 million for baby gear rental service

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Huge thanks to Berenice Magistretti and VentureBeat for telling the story of Babierge and the road we've traveled to secure out first funding!

PR Newswire

April 19, 2018
Leading Baby Gear Rental Service and Marketplace Babierge (baby + concierge) Closes $1.3M Seed Round, Expands to Over 170 Locations

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Big shout out to the amazing community of Babierge Trusted Partners who go above and beyond every day, serving our wonderful families!.

Side Hustle Nation

March 26, 2018
250+ Proven Ways to Make Extra Money in 2018: The Ultimate Guide

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Being a Trusted Partner with Babierge is among the many ways individuals can earn extra money.

Rookie Moms

February 28, 2018
Disneyland Stroller Rental – Is it worth it or should you bring your own?

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Babierge makes stroller rentals easy for Disneyland vistors.

Desert Sun

February 23, 2018
How Work From Home Moms are Getting it all Done in the Coachella Valley

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Janet Gassaway, Babierge Independent Truster Partner, Palm Desert shares her journey into the gig economy.

Side Hustle Mom

February 19, 2018
Mom Boss Interview: Lisa Peek from Babierge

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So proud of Lisa Peek, Babierge Independent Trusted Partner, San Antonio who interviewed with Annie - The Side Hustle Mom about how she makes her Babierge side hustle work while juggling a handful of three boys - Wow!

Work at Home Success

February 16, 2018
Work-At-Home Success Experts Share Their Tips on Using Social Media

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Adam Heymann, Marketing Manager here at Babierge, shares vital tips on using social media.

Business Insider

February 12, 2018
7 mistakes you're making when booking airline tickets

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When and how you book airline tickets can make or break your family travel experience. Thanks so much to INSIDER for having Trusted Partner and family travel expert Trish McDermott, Babierge Independent Trusted Partner, Oakland weigh-in on how to make it a breeze!


January 2, 2018
These five New Year’s transformations will inspire you to actually keep your resolutions

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Babierge is all about positive transformations! So glad to see partner Trish McDermott, Babierge Independent Trusted Partner, Oakland get her inspiring story written up in Moneyish, and big thanks to Nicole Pesce for the awesome coverage.


December 18, 2017
20 Airport Hacks For Traveling With Kids, Because It's A Lot To Handle

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Renting baby gear is among 20 airport hacks to make traveling with kids easier to handle.


December 12, 2017
Babierge is a Life Saver for Travelers With Children

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Babierge is all about upgrading the family travel experience. Big thanks to Trekbible for the lovely piece on how we are reshaping travel with young children!

Forbes - Next Avenue

December 10, 2017
8 Ways To Start Or Buy An E-Commerce Business In Midlife

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It's always a good time to launch that online business you had in mind. Becoming an internet entrepreneur may seem daunting, but these 8 pointers will set anyone on the path to success.

Tech Crunch

December 6, 2017
Babierge might just be the answer to your baby gear travel nightmares

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We are! Babierge might just be the answer to your baby gear travel nightmares!

Reader's Digest

December 6, 2017
11 Things You Should Know Before You Do a Home Swap

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Considering a home swap in the near future? Never even heard of it? Check out this great piece on how it works and what you can do to make the experience even more unique! Thanks Reader's Digest for mentioning Babierge and our travel tips!

Reader's Digest

December 5, 2017
7 Things You Can Stash in Your Carry-On—and 4 You Definitely Can’t

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Thanks to Reader's Digest for inviting Babierge family travel expert Trish McDermott to weigh in with TSA Travel Tips.

Cincy Chic

December 4, 2017
Traveling with Tots

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We love making family travel experiences stress-free and memorable. Trusted Partner Lindsey Brown does exactly that in Cincinnati.

Reporter Herald

December 3, 2017
Loveland Area Business Outfits Little Vistors

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Meet Sandy and Craig Carpenter, Babierge Trusted Partners who have been helping traveling families make memories for over a year.

Wee Spring

November 20, 2017
How to Travel Light (Even With Kids)

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We're proud to be featured in this week's weeLove newsletter from weeSpring! We love collaborating with companies who are devoted to making life easy and fun for traveling families.

Sarasota Herald Tribune

October 30, 2017
Gray is the New Gold

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Trish and other experts share why more experienced and mature workers have so much to offer.

WCPO Cincinnati

October 27, 2017
Traveling with a baby? Company rents all the gear you need

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Check out Trusted Partner Lindsey B. from Cincinnati, Ohio on air with WCPO - 9 On Your Side!

We Go Look

October 25, 2017
The #1 Tip For Gig Workers From 16 Experts

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Trish and other gig economy leaders share their best tips for gig workers.

A Tender Beginning

October 23, 2017
Local Spotlight: Babierge Baby Gear Rental

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Read this local spotlight about Trusted Partner Lindsey Brown in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Trips and Giggles

October 19, 2017
Why This Service Will Make Traveling with a Baby a Thousand Times More Enjoyable

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Thanks to Babierge, we arrived in paradise feeling a lot lighter. Literally.

Brit + Co

October 16, 2017
7 Tips for Traveling With a Baby This Thanksgiving

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Renting baby equipment is among the best ways to make traveling with baby easier this Thanskgiving

U.S. News and World Report

September 22, 2017
7 New Brand Partnerships Benefiting Travelers

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Check out how Babierge & Destination Hotels are teaming up and changing family travel!

Yahoo Finance

September 19, 2017
How to Grandchild-Proof Your Home in a Few Easy Moves

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Regardless of your vacay needs, Babierge has the baby gear for you, whether you need to babyproof, travel or sleep!

Starts at 60

September 17, 2017
5 Gig Economy Websites That Help You Make More Money

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See how Babierge and gig companies like Rover and Fiverr help people earn money.

Albuquerque Business First

September 13, 2017
Balloonists Bring Big Bucks for One ABQ Startup

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The Balloon Fiesta brings lots of visitors to Albuquerque which means more baby equipment rental needs.

Moody Mommies Podcast

August 29, 2017
Traveling with Toddlers

Listen to the Podcast
Jessica and Vanessa from Moody Mommies discuss traveling with toddlers and using Babierge.

Smart Brief

August 28, 2017
Baby Gear Rental Firm Teams with Hotel Chain

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Our partnership with Destination Hotels is announced in Smart Brief.

Reader's Digest

August 28, 2017
10 Ways to Take the Stress Out of Labor Day Weekend Travel

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Babierge helps take the stress out of traveling on holidays.

Hotel Business

August 25, 2017
Babierge, Destination Hotels Help Parents to Travel Light

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Learn more about our partnership with Destination Hotels.

Red Tricycle

August 25, 2017
7 Cool & Unusual Delivery Services That’ll Make Your Life Easier

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Babierge is among several delivery services that make your life easier.

Wenatchee Mom Blog

August 21, 2017
Trusted Partner Kaylee Tucker's New Blog

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Read about Kaylee's journey as a new mom and partnering with Babierge.

100 Trusted Partners!

August 21, 2017
We are SO blessed today as Babierge reaches the 100 partners mark!

See photo on Facebook
Huge gratitude to every single wonderful partner we've had along the way and to all our loving supporters - can't wait to start on the next batch!


August 18, 2017
Luxe Camping Amenities Lure Vacationers — Even Those Averse to the Outdoors

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Babierge can deliver high-end baby gear for your glamping trip with kids.

Barclaycard Travel Blog

August 15, 2017
Family-Friendly Travel Tips

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Renting from Babierge keeps family traveling stress at a minimum.


August 10, 2017
7 Of The Best Resorts For A Girls’ Getaway

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Taking your baby with you on a Girls' Getaway? Rent from Babierge to make it a comfortable and convenient experience.

The North Carolina 100

August 3, 2017
Travel Lighter with Baby

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Lighten your load when staying with a Destination Hotels property by renting from Babierge.

New York Family

August 2, 2017
Destination Hotel Partners With Babierge To Offer Baby Gear Rentals

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Don’t feel like lugging your heavy baby gear around with you on vacation? Destination Hotels and Babierge are here to help.

Oh! Travelissima

July 27, 2017
Babierge: A Game-Changing Service for Family Travel

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Read about Natalie DiScala's experience using Babierge.

The Atlanta 100

July 24, 2017
Travel Lighter with Baby

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Traveling lighter with a baby is easy with Babierge and Destination Hotels.

Top Flight Family

July 22, 2017
Destination Hotels Announces Partnership With Babierge

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Top Flight Family helps us announce our partnership with Destination Hotels.

Albuquerque Business First

July 17, 2017
ABQ Startup Scores Second National Travel Partner

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Babierge scores second travel partnership this year!

Travel Daily News

July 17, 2017
Destination Hotels announces partnership with Babierge

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Travel Daily News helps us announce our partnership with Destination Hotels.

Albuquerque Journal

July 14, 2017
ABQ Baby Equipment Firm Partners with Hotel Chain

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Albuquerque's share-based, online baby-equipment rental firm Babierge Inc. is now serving families at hotels!

Johnny Jet

July 11, 2017
The Service That Allows New Parents to Travel With Carry-On Only

Johnny Jet thought he was doomed to checking bags for 18 more years...not so! Read about his solution.


July 5, 2017
Let's Also Address Funding Female Founders

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Sexual harassment in Silicon Valley is a hot topic. Veteran CEO & Babierge Cofounder Fran Maier is weighing in.

The Work at Home Wife

July 5, 2017
Awesome Ways to Earn $1,000 Per Month on YOUR Terms

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Make $1,000 Dollars/Month Running Your Own Baby Gear Rental Business - Crazy Right? Babierge Can Make this Reality!

SAS for Women

June 28, 2017
Great Gig Economy Jobs for Divorcing Moms

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Between breadwinning & parenting, a divorced mom's life can be stressful... why not combine the two with a gig job?!


June 22, 2017
How To Beat Jet Lag with These Simple Hacks

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Trish shares a simple hack to beat jet lag when traveling with a baby.

Brit + Co

June 22, 2017
12 Weirdly Successful Side Hustles That’ll Inspire Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

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Babierge is among several successful side hustles.

Voyage Houston

June 8, 2017
Meet Kerri Couillard of Babierge

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Read about Kerri's inspiring journey.

Geek Girl Rising

June 7, 2017
Geek Girl Rising: Inside the Sisterhood Shaking Up Tech by Heather Cabot and Samantha Walravens

Get Your Copy
Babierge is so proud of founder Kerri's feature in Geek Girl Rising!

Elle Magazine

June 5, 2017
Why Getting Outside Your Comfort Zone is a Key to Success

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Babierge Began as an Experiment - But Once Founder Kerri Left Her Comfort Zone, Her Test Quickly Turned a Success!

Portland Carrot

May 22, 2017
Renting out Infant + Toddler Equipment: An Interview with Babierge Independent Trusted Partner, A.D. Simmons

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Experience Returns Tenfold What Partners Put In - Read About Partner A.D.'s Journey!

Albuquerque Business First

May 22, 2017
Innovation New Mexico

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Babierge was chosen among other companies as an Innovation New Mexico Honoree.

On the Dot Woman

May 18, 2017
Kerri Couillard: She's Your Baby's New Concierge

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Read this piece by On the Dot Woman to learn more about Kerri and her mission to help traveling families.

Silver Door

April 20, 2017
20 Experts Share Their Top Tips on Reducing the Symptoms of Jet Lag

Read the Article
Trish shares her top tip to reduce symptoms of jet lag when traveling with a baby.


March 23, 2017
Flexible Jobs or Stay-at-home Moms

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Renting baby equipment is an ideal flexible job for stay-at-home moms.

Albuquerque Journal

March 14, 2017
Catalyst Week in Albuquerque

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Kerri and other entrepreneurs will participate in Catalyst Week to get "unstuck" and tackle neglected projects.


March 8, 2017
The Code that Rocks the Cradle

Read the Article
Kerri shares her story about going from developer to co-founder of Babierge.

Albuquerque Business First

March 8, 2017
Article in Albuquerque Business First

Read the Albuquerque Business First Article
Babierge lands partnership with popular vacation rental service.

Side Hustle School

March 2, 2017
Side Hustle School Podcast Episode

Listen to the Episode
Mom-Founded Startup Rents Infant Gear to Tourists


February 27, 2017
Babierge featured in parenting resource for dads

Read about Babierge in Fatherly
Babierge Makes It Easy To Rent Baby Gear When You Travel

Blessed to be a Parent

February 21, 2017
A Great Work from Home Opportunity

Read the Article
The Blessed to be a Parent blog features why joining Babierge is a wonderful work-at-home opportunity.

Innovation Navigation

February 21, 2017
Innovation Navigation

Listen to the Episode
Fran speaks with David Robertson at The Wharton School’s Ivy League campus via Sirius XM’s trailblazing Wharton Business Radio channel.

Female Seeking Start-Up Radio Show

February 10, 2017
Nicole interviewed on the Female Seeking Start-Up Series

Listen to the Episode
Nicole talks about her experience as a Trusted Partner with Babierge.

The Bump

February 2, 2017
Article in The Bump

Read the Article
Babierge helps make traveling easier for families.

Parent Herald

January 31, 2017

Read the Parent Herald Article
Flying With Baby? Startup Offers To Ease Parents' Travel Woes With AirBnB-Like Gear Rental Service

Babierge in Forbes Business Magazine

January 29, 2017 Kerri and Fran interviewed for Forbes Business Magazine

Read the Forbes Feature
Babierge is Moving On Up: Today Marks Our First Ever Feature in Forbes Business Magazine!!

Wandering Pod

January 20, 2017 A New Alternative to Schlepping Gear on Family Trips

Read the Article
Babierge helps families travel light.

Afar Magazine

January 20, 2017 This Company Doesn’t Want You to Worry About Packing Baby Gear Ever Again

Read the Article
Read abou how Babierge is revolutionizing the way parents travel with kids.

Babierge Founder/CTO on Rent the Runway's Project Entrepreneur Series

Dec 18, 2016 Kerri Couillard Gives #MondayMotivation

Discover what she said...
We sat down with Kerri Couillard, Founder & CTO of Babierge, to discuss the sharing economy, building an industry from scratch, and hiring a CEO to run your company.

Orinda California Press

Dec 14, 2016 Babies Coming for the Holidays? Try Renting Equipment To Make Stay Easy

Trusted Partner in Oakland Lands Feature
McDermott said that she enjoys helping her clients make traveling and hosting easier and less hectic. One of her favorite things is creating fun play spaces in grandparent's homes.

Babierge in Boston Globe Article

Oct 7, 2016 Need a book, a crib, or running pal on vacation? There’s a concierge for that

Thanks to both Jon Marcus, Globe Correspondent and Yvonne Christiansen (Our Minneapolis/St.Paul Minnesota Trusted Partner), Babierge is mentioned in this article Read here

Babierge is a StartX Company

Sep 20, 2016 Announcing that Babierge is accepted into Stanford's StartX accelerator

StartX is a non-profit business incubator associated with Stanford University that offers community, mentorship, education, and resources. The program will run from Oct until Dec 2016 in Palo Alto, CA. Our team can't wait to participate! Check out what this means for us at Babierge...

Babierge CEO Fran Maier Selected as Entrepreneur in Residence

Sep 20, 2016 StartX Selects Our Very Own

Fran was selected to be Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) for Stanford's StartX Accelerator. From StartX: Within the community we have Entrepreneurs in Residence (EIRs). These are Stanford alumni founders who work on their own startups out of our shared office space and have already had successful exits, funding rounds, and product releases with their previous startups. EIRs are there to mentor and support all founders in the program.

We are so thankful to have Fran Maier's expertise and experience at Babierge!

Babierge Gets 1st National Press Coverage

Sep 9, 2016 Babierge first national media mention

This day marked a historic event... Babierge's first mention in national media on NBC News. Thanks Nicole Audrey Spector for the nice big mention. Read Article > Want to Earn Extra Cash? These Companies Are Always Hiring

Babierge CEO to Fireside with Paul Singh

Sep 9, 2016 Babierge first national media mention

Tech.Co Pitch Night judged by none other than our own Fran Maier with following fireside chat with Paul Singh (partner with 500 Startups, investor and early-stage tech startup adviser) of Results Junkies Tech Tour #RJTechTour Fireside bits: Bit 1 | Bit 2

Celebrating our newest Babierge Independent Trusted Partner team serving Marin and Sonoma Counties

Aug 18, 2016 We warmly welcome them!

Meet Kathleen and Meredith

Our Biggest Launch of Babierge Independent Trusted Partners Yet

Aug 15, 2016 We warmly welcome our newest!

Meet Trish McDermott - New service to Oakland, CA (and East Bay)
Meet Wendy Nord - New service to San Gabriel Valley cities and communities in CA (extended Los Angeles service)
Meet Nicole Kitzman - New service in Washington, DC Metro areas
Meet Kayla Watson - More service to the Orange County, CA
Meet Jessica Kiely - More service around San Francisco Airport (SFO) and Peninsula
Meet Gail Rhodes - More service in Scottsdale, AZ

Babierge Featured on Travel Mamas

Jul 29, 2016 The Opportunity for Trusted Partners

Colleen, the Travel Mama writes and publishes article about the Babierge opportunity on her amazingly popular blog. Read How to Rent Your Baby Gear to Travelers to Earn Money with Babierge

In-Person Radio Show? Check for Babierge

Jul 29, 2016 Female Seeking Startup

Series with Emmy award-winning host Kym McNicholas, Babierge Founder Kerri Couillard and Co-Founder/CEO Fran Maier talk about finding a new niche in the multi-billion-dollar baby market through baby gear rental, and how others can earn a piece of the pie. Listen On-Demand

Babierge Featured on Baby Products Mom

Jul 15, 2016 Forget about getting away from it all. Traveling with a baby is often about getting away with it all.

Renting baby gear's not an obvious vacation option but it's the smartest! Read Sarah Gordon's great article Traveling with a Baby—Your Rental Baby Gear Guide

Babierge Lands More News

Jul 4, 2016 'New Mexico Moms Launch Businesses to Help Parents' by Lysée Mitri of #KRQE. Babierge along with 2 other businesses, Yummy Spoon and BabyPage appear on news in sweet little piece - Read/Listen Here

Babierge on Front Page of Main Santa Fe, NM Newspaper (New Mexican)

Jun 28, 2016 Babierge feature that is introduced on front page and continued for nearly one whole page in the local business section. Both Founder/CTO and Co-Founder/CEO have very strong Santa Fe, NM connection and roots. Check Us Out

My Morning Brew in Albuquerque New Mexico

Jun 15, 2016 Celebrating the fact the Fran Maier Joins

We sit down on-air with Dan Mayfield to discuss the Babierge update that former Co-Founder of and TRUSTe, Fran Maier, joins as CEO of Babierge Watch Us

Fran and Kerri on News in Albuquerque

Jun 15, 2016 KOB Feature with Babierge

Mom starts business to aid family travel plans Watch Us

New CEO and Incorporation

May 1, 2016 Fran Maier joins Babierge as CEO and Co-Founder. Fran has so much experience and we are thankful to have her join. She is Co-Founder of and TRUSTe. Fran's Linked In. This is also the first day of our incorporation - a change from an LLC to INC!

Babierge Accepted into Project Entrepreneur Class 2016

Mar 10, 2016 We have just been notified of our acceptance into Project Entrepreneur. #?NYC?! There were over 500 applications. Rent The Runway and UBS will help us to nurture our startup, and provide us with actionable steps and resources to move us closer to becoming a scalable, economically impactful company. Checkout how cool this is!

Babierge Goes to Silicon Valley for Accelerator

Feb 10, 2016 Kerri Couillard Founder/CEO of Babierge accepted into highly sought-after Women's Startup Lab (Menlo Park, CA - Silicon Valley) for a 2-week intensive/immersive accelerator program.

Soft Launch of Babierge Platform

Jan 15, 2016 Soft launch to accept applications for Trusted Partners on our new Babierge Platform. We are taking our first baby steps into the Collaborative Economy. Article

Jul 8, 2015 Kerri Couillard featured in article Words to Work by by Kelly Hoey > Follow her on Twitter:

Presents at 1 Million Cups at Fat Pipe in ABQ

Jul 8, 2015 Kerri Couillard presents on her journey and challenges Article

Jul 8, 2015 Kerri Couillard featured in article Red, White, Blue, and Entrepreneurial What's as American as apple pie? The entrepreneurial mindset by Kelly Hoey > Follow her on Twitter:

Presents at Built in NM in ABQ

Jun 8, 2015 Kerri Couillard presents on the technology behind Babierge - 'CakePHP Custom Website for Babies'

Catalyst Week Winner

May 17, 2015 Kerri Couillard spent 2 weekends in Albuquerque at the first Catalyst Week. She set 'SMART' goals and won Best Execution of Goals!

In Conversation with | Sharp Heels

May 22, 2015 Kerri Couillard is interview by Kelly Hoey in a feature piece. Called a Disruptor in the Collaborative Economy

We Are On the News

Apr 7, 2015 KOB in Albuquerque ran a news piece on our business and you can watch it here and read the article - Babierge lands on KOB News We are so happy about this news!

New Website, New Business Name, New Service

Apr 6, 2015 We launched our new website for our new business name Babierge! We also setup shop in Albuquerque and Rio Rancho. Nikki Ibarra from KOB stopped by our new storage facility for an interview.

Startup Launches Baby Gear Rentals for Grandmas in Need

Albuquerque Business First by Dan Mayfield
Mar 26, 2015, 2:39pm MDT

Any parent knows of the heaps of baby toys, rockers, potty seats and cribs that pile up. "I had a ton of baby stuff in my garage," said Kerri Couillard. One day, as her two children had outgrown most of the stuff, her husband asked if he could put it on Craigslist and try to sell it. Read More ...

Our Founder Kerri Couillard Wins HauteHopes Scholarship on Feb 21st

Kerri Couillard, from right here in Santa Fe, has been operating a company since 2011, that provides infant and toddler equipment rentals to local grandparents and families visiting Santa Fe. She was chosen as a finalist for an inaugural 2015 HauteHopes scholarship. This past Saturday night she 'pitched' her business successfully from stage to a crowd of over 200 at Tamaya Resort in Bernalillo, NM. There were 11 finalists, and enough was donated, so that the organization Hautepreneurs could award 6 scholarships even though they initially only thought they could support 3.

Ms. Couillard came home a winner from the competition and will receive seed money, a yearlong entrepreneurial training program, will be put into a mastermind group mostly made up of Albuquerque high-level women in order to build a support system, as well as will be able to attend many start-up and entrepreneur conferences throughout the state. She was also gifted a lawyer to acquire a new trademark and will receive a large branding package.

Kerri Couillard Wins HauteHopes Scholarship

J.Kelly Hoey says this about Ms. Couillard ... "This is what an entrepreneur looks like - she's a programmer, Mom of 2 and she's making money disrupting the baby set with a collaborative economy biz model HauteHopes Finalist, Kerri Couillard founder of Babierge @jkhoey

About Ms. Hoey
"1 of 5 Women Changing the World of VC/Entrepreneurship" - Forbes
"25 Smartest Women On Twitter" - Fast Company
"100 Most Influential Tech Women On Twitter" - Business Insider
"100 NYC Tech Influencers You Need To Know" - AlleyWatch

The organization Hautepreneurs, based in Albuquerque, has developed a fund that provides start-up and business scholarships with grants to disadvantaged women of New Mexico. "We've found there is this 'grey area' where women fall through the cracks of the current systems in place to help fund and support businesses, either because they don't have access to capital or the right network for vital mentoring. So many businesses launched by women have the potential to be successful but stall in that grey zone, and we aim to help these women make the leap across that divide to viability where these women entrepreneurs are then positioned to gain access to resources and capital they couldn't have otherwise accessed to by virtue of their inexperience in business and their gender," said Lisa Abeyta, Co-Founder of Hautepreneurs and Albuquerque business owner.