Rest Easy! Our Babierge Independent Trusted Partners provide insured, safe, and clean baby equipment rentals.
Insured and Safe

Babierge Baby Equipment Rentals


Earn Extra Money

Renting and Delivering Baby Gear to Visiting Families

Gosh, So Many Benefits

Significant Money

Earn significant income doing simple, wholehearted work. Get paid quickly.

Be Your Own Boss

Design your own business to work best with your family and grow the company as big as you want. You get flexibility, working from home.

We Will Hold Your Hand

Extra income is just one of the many perks. Join a community of strong and supportive women who build you up.

What Trusted Partners Are Saying

"I love being a TP because I get the immense pleasure of making family vacations so much more enjoyable and easy-going by being their personal, full-service concierge. Plus, I get to work mainly from home, allowing me to be with my son."

Stephanie Vojdani

- Stephanie Vojdani, Maui, HI
Trusted Partner since April 2017

"Being a Trusted Partner has given me control of my own future. I have the excitement of running my own business, with the convenience of being able to stay home with my daughter."

Hilary Smith

- Hilary Smith, Charleston, SC
Trusted Partner since March 2017

"Being a Babierge TP is the ultimate at-home mom gig. Receiving baby gear orders adds an element of spontaneity to my day without interfering with time with my kids. And at the same time I’m relieving stress for other parents & helping families enjoy their time in Kansas City!"

Lisa Brown

- Lisa Brown, Kansas City, KS
Trusted Partner since July 2017

So, what does a Trusted Partner do exactly?

Manage Your Equipment Listings

Manage Your Equipment Listings

Use our simple admin area to add your items for display on the platform so that customers can rent them.
Provide High-End, Personal Customer Service

Provide High-End, Personal Customer Service

Prepare reservation for delivery or pickup for the customers chosen day.

Build Local Community Awareness

Build Local Community Awareness

Spread the word about your company in your local area. This business grows through word of mouth in amazing ways.

Blossom Personally

Blossom Personally

Become a more authentic and wholehearted person with the help of Babierge and the other Trusted Partners

Why join hands with Babierge?

Proven Lucrative Business

Our customers love and adore this business and seek it out. Who knew business could be this easy?

Unstoppable Team

We are going global and forging major partnerships along the way. You need a spot on our fast moving train.

All The Right Tech

Babierge has just the perfect amount of features available and we have so many more coming.

What are you waiting for?

Get Started

Imagine Your Dream Job


Ok, So Really, What is the Babierge Platform?

The Babierge Platform is a tech platform that provides leads (or customers) to fully vetted Trusted Partners all over the world. These independent businesses have access to a ton of features that they wouldn't normally have working this industry alone. Babierge Trusted Partners independently fulfill requests for baby equipment rentals and develop their own process, business, and manage/own their own inventory.

How do I become a Trusted Partner?

Getting started steps
  • 1. You sign up here
  • 2. We'll invite you to an online orientation then schedule a call with a Trusted Partner to be sure we answer your questions.
  • 3. You and the Trusted Partner work together to get your baby gear set up for rent on your web site.
  • 4. You go live! Don't worry we're here to help along the way.

Is there a fee to start?

There is no fee to start or monthly cost. We will make some suggestions on what inventory is important to have on hand for your first reservation but it is ultimately up to you as to what you want to start with initially.

How will my performance be evaluated?

There is a rating system that we encourage customers to fill out. We will work with you to keep your ratings high as we do encourage high-end quality, personal customer service, at all times.

Who owns the equipment?

You own your own, maintain, and are responsible for your own equipment. After you sign up, we will make suggestions as to the best equipment to purchase with regards to price and durability. Since this is your business, you will be able to make the final decision as to what you want to carry for your customers.

Can I have my own website?

Yes, you may list and rent your items on any website.

How long does it take for me to get paid?

You are paid when your customer makes the reservation on the Babierge Platform. Customers pay 100% of their reservation upfront because we are holding our items for them for their chosen dates.

How does Babierge make their money?

Babierge charges a 20% platform fee for each reservation booked through the platform. We get paid, when you get paid. (Note: Uber charges 24-28%)