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Beach Baby Rental Package

$14.00 per day

Description: The beach baby package includes 16 beach toys with bucket, two baby towels (hooded to keep baby warm after splashing in water), one 36" X 36" X 36" play tent and one lightweight stroller. Bringing a lightweight stroller to the beach is highly recommended when traveling with infants, specially with smaller babies. BONUS: Baby cap or hat, you decide! Select age of baby and color/type preference in the special request section of your order. Distribution of prices goes as follow: $2.00 a day for the beach toys (individually a pack of 15 toys is $5.00) $1.00 a day for both baby towels (individually two baby towels are $3.00) $6.00 a day for the play tent (individually is $8.00) $5.00 a day for the lightweight stroller (individually $7.00) $14.00 Total

Manufacturer: Varies

Short Description: Beach Baby Package includes beach toys, baby towels with hoodie, play tent, and lightweight stroller.