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Luz Laboy
Serving Rincón, Puerto Rico and the West Coast area

Because of problems with communications since hurricane Maria, is faster to reach me through Internet (Email, WhatsApp, Facebook message)

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Beach Baby Essentials

$1.00 to purchase

Description: Going to the beach with baby during your trip in PR? Don't worry about making tedious trips to the store while on vacation, relax. Order those items you need in advance and we'll deliver them to you upon your arrival. Call (787-385-5049) or email ( identify those essential items you need to have where you will be staying. We will create items in the platform just for you! Examples of beach baby essentials are your preferred brand of baby sunscreen, insect repellent, waterproof diapers nail care sets (don't want sand stuck in those little nails), and more. Remember, you choose the items you need!

Manufacturer: Varies

Short Description: Customize your beach baby essentials so you'll have everything you need to splash in the water with your LO upon your arrival.