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Luz Laboy loves traveling, been in contact with nature and exposing her two boys to the natural wonders of Puerto Rico. Every weekend she explores the island with her family. After knowing about Ba... Read More

Personal Recommendations for Family Fun in Rincón, Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a group of small tropical islands full of adventures and fun things to do with the kids. You will find plenty of beaches to splash in the water and you might visit Old San Juan. Here is a picture of me with my family at the famous door in Old San Juan with the puertorican flag painted over:

The website Quehagoconlosnenes (what to do with the kids), list most activities held in Puerto Rico for kids though the website is in Spanish. Here is a list of places I have visited with my kids in the west coast area that I do recommend:


  1. La Cruz de Colón - This is a monument located at the “Plaza del Descubrimiento”  in the coast of Aguada, passing Pico de Piedra Beach. It was built to commemorate when Cristobal Colón discovered Puerto Rico. Every 19th of November Aguada host “La Parada del Descubrimiento” (Discovery Parade) and “La Cruz de Colón” is the place where the parade ends.
  2. Ermita de Espinar Ruins- This is a catholic church built in the year 1528. It’s visited by many people because it’s considered historic and made of rocks.
  3. Central Azucarera de Coloso- The Coloso Sugar Cane Refinery was established in the 19th century and ceased operations in 2003. Currently its abandoned but visited by people that like to see the structure and take pictures.
  4. Museo de Agricultura (Museum of Agriculture)- This is a very small museum located in & Nativo Alers Avenue in Aguada. It’s open from 8 am to 12 noon. The locations used to be a train station, so you will see old train rails and memorabilia.
  5. Parquesito Infantil Luz M. Muñoz Muñiz (Children Park)- This is a public park for kids. It has multiple slides, swings and many other play places for children. It also has a water splash park. It has bathrooms, sometimes with toilet paper and sometimes doesn’t, so better bring your own. It’s stroller friendly and kids can also ride bicycles.
  6. Restaurants- Aguada is known for having great restaurants. My favorites are El Galeón, for authentic Caribbean food, and La Casa del Dorado for great sea food!


  1. El Faro de Punta Higüera (Rincón Lighthouse)- El Faro is a nice place to visit with the whole family, especially by late afternoon to catch breathtaking sunsets. You can’t enter inside the lighthouse but walk around the area, which is like a viewpoint small park. Kids will love to run in the park and collect seeds falling from the trees. The park is stroller friendly and has a parking space. There are bathrooms that sometimes are open and sometimes not, and most likely don’t have toilet paper, so better bring your own. The lighthouse is right next to Domes Beach, so you can see a glimpse of an old nuclear plant dome and walk a less than five-minute path to the beach.
  2. Steps Beach- This is my favorite beach in Rincón, it’s great for snorkeling. There’s a huge coral reef. It can be somewhat rough in the water, that’s why every time I visit I use a foam life jacket. The snorkeling area is not safe for small kids but there are areas in the shore where small pools form between rocks and sand that kids will enjoy and can play safely with water and sand. This beach doesn’t have an official parking area, people just park their cars along the road.
  3. Farmers Market- Every Sunday there’s a Farmers Market held at “La Plaza de la Amistad” the downtown plaza. Most farmers sell organic produces. The market starts early in the morning until the afternoon.
  4. Art Walk- Every Thursday theres an Art Walk held at the “Plaza de la Amistad”, the downtown plaza. It’s a low-key activity with music, food and art. Pretty cool.


  1. Don Frappe y Don Maceta- Don Frappe is famous for making delicious smoothies from a variety of mixes like fruits, cookies and nutella. It has a restaurant, Don Maceta, that serves Caribbean food. Their plates are designed for sharing. The location is like a small kids town featuring a bouncy house, trampoline, farm animals, trains, game room, slides and even a zipline! It’s really the most family fun place in the west coast. Adults can enjoy frappes or food while the kids play.
  2. Yogufruti- In Yogufruti you can make your own yogurt choosing from a variety of tarts and toppings. You pay what your yogurt weights. The one in Añasco has a big play place for children including a game room. Little kids that do not walk yet can enter the play place with an adult. You must have socks to enter, or buy them at the cashier. You have to pay for the play place, but if you buy yogurt they give you a $1.00 discount.
  3. Paseo Tablado en el Salto La Encantada- This is a very nice place to relax and be in contact with nature. It’s a wooden path built along La Encantada River. You can seat and enjoy the fresh breeze, take pictures, throw rocks at the river with your kids and just relax. It's stroller friendly. Doesn’t have bathrooms.


  1. Parque Colón- This is a public park perfect for kids in front of the beach. You can drive your car to the park, or you can drive to Paseo Real Marina and walk the path up to the park. The park has plenty of swings, slides and play places for kids including a     huge tree house that children love to explore.
  2. Las Cascadas Waterpark- This is the the biggest waterpark in the west coast. It has many slides for adults and children. Recently, they open a splash park that children will love.
  3. Aguadilla Ice Skating Arena- Yes, you can ice skate in a tropical island! This is also a ice place to hang out and cool off from the hot temperature outside.
  4. Skate Park- Right next to the ice skating arena there’s a skate park. Great for people that like  to take risks with their roller blades, skates or bikes. Is also a cool thing to just sit in the bleachers and watch the professionals do their cool tricks.
  5. Yogufruti- This one is smaller but also has a play place for little kids free of charge!
  6. Aguadilla Skate and Splash Park- cool park at the entrance of Ramey Base. 


  1. Montones Beach (also known as La Posita- This is my favorite beach to visit with the kids. It is located right in front of a small resort called Villas del Mar Hau. All beaches in Puerto Rico are public, yet you will have to park a little bit distant to access this beach unless you pay $10.00 to the resort to use their parking. Rocks creating like a small pool where no currents or waves enter surround this beach. Water level is very low, that’s why its great for kids. At the far end a gorge forms where you can snorkel and see wonders. This area is very deep.
  2. Cara del Indio- this is a monument located in Isabela (almost Quebradillas). You will see while driving the road. 
  3. Royal Isabela- This is a destination hotel, but you can visit the restaurant, which is great, and enjoy the gardens and trails, which are beautiful and perfect for pictures. Kids will love to run all around.


  1. Mirador de Guajataca- This is a nice place to have a picnic or maybe a barbecue day with the family. You have a view of the ocean while immerse in a small forest with trails and places to sit and eat.
  2. Túnel de Guajataca- Right next to El Mirador, there’s the Gujataca Tunnel. You will literally walk through a tunnel with bats and all, a very cool experience.

San Sebastián

  1. Hacienda El Jibarito- Beautiful place. It’s a hotel in the mountains of San Sebastián. Right next to the hotel you can hike a very light trail to arrive at ponds and cascades.
  2. Guajataca Lake- This place is great for pictures and sightseeing.


  1. Parque del Nuevo Milenio- This is a children park right in front of the beach. It has multiple swings, slides and other play spaces for kids. It has bathrooms, usually clean and equipped.
  2. Paseo Litoral- It’s a path along the coast of Mayagüez. You can start the walk at the ”Plaza de las banderas”, flags plaza and continue all the way down passing a skate park, volleyball net up to the New Millenium Park.
  3. Bandera en honor a los pacientes de cáncer- Right next to Flags Plaza there’s a puertorican flag painted at a buildings door. The door was painted in honor to cancer patients. This is a famous place in PR to take pictures because of the history of the painter. He is called Héctor and started painting a puertorican flag in each town. So, many people do the flag road trip and take pictures with each flag. 
  4. Plaza Colón- This is Mayagüez downtown plaza. It is mostly visited by students from the   University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus, that like to hang out there. Every last Sunday of the month a circus is held at the plaza. It also features a famous coffee place called Friends Café (there’s one in Rincón downtown   plaza too, but the one in Mayagüez is the original)

Cabo Rojo

  1. Faro Los Morrillos - Cabo Rojo’s Lighthouse- This is a must see place, Is just breathtaking, you will get the most beautiful view. Best if you visit to catch a sunset.
  2. Playa Sucia- Right next to the lighthouse. This is a beautiful beach with white sand. At the far end there’s a trail you can hike and get to the rock bridge, which is a popular place for taking pictures.
  3. Combate Beach- Nice small beach, great for little kids and walking.
  4. Boquerón Beach- This is a nice beach for kids. It has a parking that cost around $5.00. It features bathrooms with showers, so you can give yourself and the kids a quick shower after splashing in the water.


  • La Parguera- La Parguera is a small downtown with it’s own plaza. There are a bunch of restaurants and you can take a tour to cays such as Cayo Enrique for crystal clear waters. At night, you can take the bio bay tour. There a boat tour where you can bring your little kids.

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