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Lauren Prince
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Popular Baby

$6.00 per day (USD)
about 15 toys meant for 0-1 year olds

More info on baby toys - 0 to 1yr rental...

$3.00 per day (USD)
fits in bath tub, has sling for infants, up to 1yr old

More info on bath tub rental...

$25.00 per day (USD)
Jogging, hiking, or walking, take advantage of this great double stroller

More info on bob double stroller rental...

$18.00 per day (USD)
For jogging or touring with smooth navigation

More info on bob single stroller rental...

$3.00 per day (USD)
$4.00 per day (USD)
for older infants and toddlers with safety belt

More info on booster chair rental...

$4.00 per day (USD)
Feeding, tummy time, prop-up pillow. Comes with cover

More info on boppy pillow rental...

$4.00 per day (USD)
musical vibrating seat with safety belt

More info on bouncer seat rental...

$2.00 per day (USD)
Turn your stroller into a full travel system

More info on car seat adapter for strollers rental...

$12.00 per day (USD)
Christmas toy package for kids

More info on christmas toy package rental...

$16.00 per day (USD)
High-end all terrain stroller

More info on city mini gt stroller rental...

$16.00 per day (USD)
convertible car seat can face front or back, comes with instructions

More info on convertible car seat rental...

$3.00 per day (USD)
put on table, dresser, or bed to save your back, safety first

More info on diaper changing pad with security belt rental...

$25.00 per day (USD)
$15.00 per day (USD)
can accommodate 2 children, larger child in front, smaller in back

More info on double stroller rental...

$15.00 per day (USD)
full-size wooden crib, mattress, mattress cover, and sheet

More info on full-size crib with linens rental...

$7.00 per day (USD)
has straps, reclines, and can be put at different heights, removable tray

More info on full-size high chair rental...

$20.00 per day (USD)
Quick close jogging stroller and infant car seat

More info on graco fastaction jogger travel system rental...

$12.00 per day (USD)
rear-facing for infants, comes with instructions

More info on infant car seat rental...

$16.00 per day (USD)
The ultimate baby swing

More info on mamaroo rental...

$5.00 per day (USD)
hear the baby with this audio monitor

More info on monitor rental...

$30.00 to purchase (USD)
18 pouches of organic baby food of your choice

More info on organic food pouches rental...

$11.00 per day (USD)
Pack n Play with bassinet, newborn napper, and changing table

More info on pack n play (premium) rental...

$8.00 per day (USD)
Compact sleeping and play option

More info on pack'n play rental...

$40.00 to purchase (USD)
Changing diapers are the worst, so don't make your trip any harder than it has to be! Save yourself a little bit of hassle on your trip by getting these delivered to your door!

More info on pampers and wipes rental...

$4.00 per day (USD)
perfect for the babies

More info on play mat rental...

$5.00 per day (USD)
easy to move from room to room or in the car

More info on portable swing rental...

$5.00 per day (USD)
Portable seat for rocking and soothing, infants only.

More info on rock n' play rental...

$4.00 per day (USD)
From baby steps to big steps, this helps your baby develop from a crawler to a walker through adaptive technology. There are activities included on this toy and can be used in a sit down or walking manner

More info on sit and stand walker rental...

$4.00 per day (USD)
Night light, white noise, soother

More info on sound machine rental...

$6.00 per day (USD)
Space saving infant and booster seat combo

More info on space saver high chair rental...

$10.00 per day (USD)
simple full feature stroller

More info on stroller rental...

$10.00 per day (USD)
2 swinging motions, music, variable speeds

More info on swing rental...

$100.00 per day (USD)
Assistance with delivering, wrapping and putting together Christmas presents

More info on the "santa's elf" package rental...

Lauren Prince

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