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Leah Messina
Serving Las Cruces and the Surrounding Areas

Leah is an mom and business owner based in Las Cruces, NM. After frequently traveling with her son to visit family across the country, and always having to lug baby gear, she often wished there was... Read More

Featured Baby Gear

$6.00 per day (USD)
huge 32 gal tub full of toys, custom based on age and gender

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$5.00 per day (USD)
about 15 toys meant for 0-1 year olds

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$3.00 per day (USD)
for the older kiddos, instructions included

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$3.00 per day (USD)
musical vibrating seat with safety belt

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$7.00 per day (USD)
has straps, reclines, and can be put at different heights, removable tray

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$10.00 per day (USD)
convertible car seat can face front or back, comes with instructions

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$8.00 per day (USD)
simple full feature stroller

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$4.00 per day (USD)
From baby steps to big steps, this helps your baby develop from a crawler to a walker through adaptive technology. There are activities included on this toy and can be used in a sit down or walking manner

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$2.00 per day (USD)
put on table, dresser, or bed to save your back, safety first

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$7.00 per day (USD)
hiking or extended walking essential, heavy duty

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$10.00 per day (USD)
rear-facing for infants, comes with instructions

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Specific Areas Served

Baby Gear and Equipment Rentals in Las Cruces, Mesilla, Doña Ana, Radium Springs, University Park, Mesquire, Vado, Berino, Organ, Anthony, Vinton, La Union, Canutillo, Prado Verde, Santa Terea, Sunland Park, Fort Bliss, and the west side of El Paso.
Leah Messina

Find Us

Baby Gear Rentals in Las Cruces, New Mexico
2917 Cheyenne Drive, Las Cruces, NM 88011
Las Cruces, NM

Delivery, Setup & Pickup Fees

  • - Las Cruces & Mesilla $25 (USD)
  • - Radium Springs, Vado, Organ, Mesquite, Berino, Anthony, Vinton $30 (USD)
  • - Sunland Park, West El Paso, Fort Bliss, El Paso Airport $35 (USD)

Extended Rental Discounts

  • Daily rate for days 1-8
  • Rental of 9-16 days: 10% off
  • Rental of 17-24 days: 20% off
  • Rental of 24+ days: 30% off