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Rest and Sleep

$16.00 per day (USD)

Sleep Tight Package

This package comes with a full-size crib with organic mattress and linens, a sleep machine, an essential oil diffuser and 3 large sample essential oils, and a monitor. These items would normally cost $26 per day but this package saves you $4 per day! Thi more info on sleep tight package rental...
$12.00 per day (USD)

Full-size Crib with Linens

full-size wooden, mattress, mattress cover, and sheet more info on full-size crib with linens rental...
Delivery and setup required.
$2.00 per day (USD)

Breathable Bumpers

Recommended and tested by leading pediatricians this mesh bumper reduces the risks of suffocation, entanglement, and climbing and also keeps all things inside that belong. more info on breathable bumpers rental...
$7.00 per day (USD)

Pack'n Play

standard pad, mattress pad, and sheet more info on pack'n play rental...
$2.00 per day (USD)

Pack'n Play Mattress

upgrade for Pack'n Play, 3 inch foam mattress more info on pack'n play mattress rental...
$2.00 per day (USD)

Pack and Play Mattress Linens

Linens for 2 pack and plays, Includes 2 mattress covers and 2 sheets that fit a pack and play mattress more info on pack and play mattress linens rental...
$4.00 per day (USD)

Rocker Sleeper

Our rocker sleeper is a unique portable sleep seat for newborns that is raised off of the ground. It has a wonderful rocking motion and secure inclined position for babies who need it. Its frame rocks gently with a push from mom, and can have vibrations turned on as well. The sides have breathable fabric and it collapses easily to bring along on visits or trips. more info on rocker sleeper rental...
$3.00 per day (USD)
$4.00 per day (USD)

Portable Bed

The portable bed measures 48 inches long, 26 inches wide, and provides a 7 inch clearance from the ground. It's ideal for use with children ages 2 to 5 years old. more info on portable bed rental...
$3.00 per day (USD)


You will hear every sound your children make with this sound monitor. It comes complete with 1 base and 2 receivers. more info on monitor rental...
$5.00 per day (USD)

Video Monitor

This video monitor provides peace of mind and has a microphone. more info on video monitor rental...
$4.00 per day (USD)

Sleep Machine

This SleepMate sleep machine that will comfort your child so that they can sleep peacefully. It also drowns out other children and adults so that the house doesn’t need to be quiet for baby to sleep well. more info on sleep machine rental...
$3.00 per day (USD)
$3.00 per day (USD)

DVD Collection

This DVD collection contains 5 DVDS. The titles will vary based on ages of children. They can include Baby Einstein, Baby Signing Time, Sesame Street, Thomas the Train, Fireman Sam, Backyardigans or movies like Bug Story, Cat in the Hat, Toy Story, Monste more info on dvd collection rental...
$5.00 per day (USD)

Kelty Kid Carrier

This handy kid carrier can carry a child up to 50 lbs and can be taken on the many hiking trails all over New Mexico. Awesome product! more info on kelty kid carrier rental...
$6.00 per day (USD)


simple full feature stroller more info on stroller rental...
Kerri Couillard, Babierge Independent Trusted Partner - Serving Albuquerque and Surrounding Areas
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