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$5.00 per day (USD)

Baby Toys- 0 to 1 yr

This group of baby toys has about 15 items and is meant for 0 - 1 year olds more info on baby toys- 0 to 1 yr rental...
$2.00 per day (USD)

Bath Toy Package

This bath toy package comes with a small basket of toys meant for the bathtub. Make bath time fun while away! more info on bath toy package rental...
$4.00 per day (USD)

Beach Toy Package

This package is great to keep your littles having fun in the sun all day at the beach! Shovels, buckets, molds, sifting screens, rakes, and more! more info on beach toy package rental...
$3.00 per day (USD)
$3.00 per day (USD)

Bouncer Seat

This seat vibrates and has several hanging toys. It also includes a safety belt with buckle. more info on bouncer seat rental...
$4.00 per day (USD)


These exersaucers keep little ones entertained for hours. It collapses, the center seat spins 360, and there are toys all around it. more info on exersaucer rental...
$5.00 per day (USD)


This package contains a set of 3 games. The games will be chosen based in age of children. more info on games rental...
$5.00 per day (USD)

Green Toy Package

This green toy package contains toys that are either wooden, organic, or made from recycled materials. We will customize the package based in gender and age as well as likes or dislikes. This is a custom package for you and your family. more info on green toy package rental...
$34.00 per day (USD)

Infant Package 6-18 months

This is a package that is sure to make your vacation perfect for baby. It includes the following: 1) full-size wooden crib and linens 2) Stroller 3) Car Seat (age/weight appropriate) 4) Bath Toy Package 5) Toy Package 6) Sleep Machine. Save $4 per day by choosing this package. more info on infant package 6-18 months rental...
$10.00 per day (USD)

Keep It Exciting Package

This package contains a 1.) 32 gallon plastic tub with lid full of toys, 2.) a book package with 10 books, and 2.) a ride-on toy. The books and toys will be tailored to the gender and age of children. Normally, these items would tally over $12 per day so it will save you money all the while baby is happy playing. more info on keep it exciting package rental...
$8.00 per day (USD)

Little Movers Package

The Little Movers Package includes a small Little Tykes slide, play tunnel, and ride on toy. Perfect for busy toddlers! more info on little movers package rental...
$4.00 per day (USD)
$3.00 per day (USD)
$2.00 per day (USD)
$4.00 per day (USD)

Sit and Stand Walker

From baby steps to big steps, this helps your baby develop from a crawler to a walker through adaptive technology. There are activities included on this toy and can be used in a sit down or walking manner. more info on sit and stand walker rental...
$6.00 per day (USD)

Toy Package

huge 32 gal tub full of toys, custom based on age and gender more info on toy package rental...
$6.00 per day (USD)

Water Table

Simply fill with water and is fun for hours. It includes various water toys. Easy to drain. more info on water table rental...
Jessie Maier, Babierge Independent Trusted Partner - Serving Kalamazoo and Surrounding Areas
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