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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I book early for holidays?

Yes! Babierge gets wildly busy during the holiday season and it's not uncommon for Trusted Partners to run out of cribs and other popular gear. We recommend booking as early as possible (like right now!) to be sure your family travel during the holidays is as smooth and magical as possible.

How do you say the platform's name Babierge?

Babierge is the combination between the words BABY and CONCIERGE. You say it like Baby erge (frenchy sounding). Click to hear it...

Can we pay you when the reservation starts?

No, we require full payment at time of booking because we are holding your items for you. We are not making the items you have chosen available to other potential customers - kind of like a vacation rental reservation.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We can accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club. We can also accept gift and prepaid cards that are one of the above types. We can charge cards of these types from customers anywhere in the world.

How do you calculate the number of days?

Unlike hotels or vacation rentals, we do not force a check-in and check-out time so that your family can have as much flexibility as possible. We count each day that you have the gear. We do not double book our days because we need time to inspect and clean the items to our very high standards. So if you were going to use the equipment starting early evening on Monday and keep them until the following Monday morning, we would count that as 8 days. We try to be as flexible as we can on this.

We have a 3 day minimum. You can rent items for a shorter duration than 3 days but we have to charge a minimum of 3 days in order to make the reservation worth the time for our Trusted Partners.

Do you give discounts if we rent for longer periods of time?

Looking for a long-term rental? Rent for 9 days or more and we'll discount your entire order! Discount does not apply to delivery fees.

  • Daily Rate for Days 1-8
  • Rental of 9-16 days: 10% off
  • Rental of 17-24 days: 20% off
  • Rental of 24+ days: 30% off

How far ahead should we make a reservation?

From our experience, our high-seasons are Spring and Summer, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years week, or any local special event days. We encourage you to book as soon as you know your dates as our locations do have limited inventory especially for the cribs.

Where do you deliver and how much does it cost?

Local pick-up (special request) - $0 (USD)
Post falls,Rathdrum - $20 (USD)
Athol, Silverwood Theme Park, Spokane Valley - $30 (USD)
Spokane Airport - $40 (USD)
Liberty Lake, Coeur d'alene, Coeur d'alene Resort, Hayden - $25 (USD)
Silver Mountain resort - $50 (USD)

What is included in the delivery fee?

The delivery fee includes delivery, setup of most items (excluding car seats, safety gates and other baby-proofing items), and pickup of most items at the completion of a reservation. If we have to return to the property for any reason that is not our fault, there will be an additional trip fee. Also, the website goes by honor system in that you pick the location that you feel is most appropriate. The delivery fees are determined by the distance and time from our location. We may have to contact you to adjust for the distance, if the wrong option is chosen by mistake.

What does the full-size crib include?

The full-size crib is a standard full-size crib. It is modern, sleek, and made of real hardwood. The sides do not drop down. It comes with a good quality firm mattress that is suitable for infants to large toddlers and standard linens that include a mattress cover and single sheet.

What do I do if I don’t know how to operate a piece of gear?

Call your Babierge Trusted Partner. You can also visit the manufacturer’s website for additional information and check YouTube for a video from the manufacturer. Car seats will always be delivered with a manual with installation instructions.

What are the car seat laws in the US?

The NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) recommends to keep your child in the car seat for as long as possible, as long as the child fits within the manufacturer’s height and weight requirements. Please use the NHTSA car seat recommendations for children by age:
Car Seat Recommendations for Children

Why don't you help install car seats?

In order for Babierge to obtain insurance for our company and Independent Trusted Partners, we have to strictly abide by this rule. There can't be any exceptions. We hope you can understand. Please plan accordingly for the extra time for installation or certified professional check.

Where can we go to have our car seat installation checked by a professional?

Use this site to find local places that can check your car seat Parents Central

What is the Babierge Service Fee?

To help cover the costs of running Babierge, we charge customers a service fee between 6% and 8% every time a reservation is made through the Babierge platform. The amount of this service fee is based on the reservation subtotal of rental and delivery charges (before other fees and taxes). The exact amount of the service fee is displayed before a customer pays for their reservation and is also displayed on the cart, delivery information, billing information and payment pages.

Where do I find the service fee?

After entering the dates for a reservation on the cart page, you'll see the service fee included as part of the reservation details.

The exact amount of the service fee is also located on:

- The delivery, billing and payment pages you see before submitting a reservation payment.
- The confirmation email you receive after creating a reservation.

What happens to the service fee if my order is cancelled?

If a Trusted Partner cancels or removes a portion of your reservation for a reason of their own, we return the service fee to you.

If you cancel a reservation, the service fee is non-refundable. If you choose to remove a portion of your reservation, the service fee is non-refundable.

Why was my credit card declined?

We are so sorry, we know it is frustrating. When we submit a charge to your credit card bank, those banks have automated systems that determine whether or not to accept the charge. This is NOT determined by us unfortunately.

Your credit card bank can decline a charge for the following reasons:

  • your normal spending habits don't include services like this usually
  • spending location (have you ever spent on this card for this location?)
  • account balance (have you reached your credit limit/maxed your card(s)?)
  • wrong credit card number, expiration date, security code
  • transaction amount (high amounts are more likely to get declined)
  • international credit cards and locations

Call the number on the back of your card to authorize this charge and try making the reservation again.

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Brittany Hegy

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Delivery, Setup & Pickup Fees

  • - Local pick-up (special request) $0 (USD)
  • - Post falls,Rathdrum $20 (USD)
  • - Athol, Silverwood Theme Park, Spokane Valley $30 (USD)
  • - Spokane Airport $40 (USD)
  • - Liberty Lake, Coeur d'alene, Coeur d'alene Resort, Hayden $25 (USD)
  • - Silver Mountain resort $50 (USD)

Extended Rental Discounts

  • Daily rate for days 1-8
  • Rental of 9-16 days: 10% off
  • Rental of 17-24 days: 20% off
  • Rental of 24+ days: 30% off