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Rest and Sleep

$14.00 per day (USD)

Full-size Crib with Linens

full-size wooden crib, mattress, mattress cover, and sheet more info on full-size crib with linens rental...
$8.00 per day (USD)

Pack'n Play

pad, mattress cover, and sheet more info on pack'n play rental...
$10.00 per day (USD)

Pack 'n Play w/Napper and Changer

The reversible unit easily transitions from a cozy rest space for your newborn into a changer to make keeping baby clean and content a breeze. Other great features include the removable infant bassinet, push-button fold, and sleek, updated frame design. Plus you can use it as a roomy toddler play yard for older babies. more info on pack 'n play w/napper and changer rental...
$4.00 per day (USD)

Pack'n Play Mattress

upgrade for Pack'n Play, 3 inch foam mattress more info on pack'n play mattress rental...
$8.00 per day (USD)
$7.00 per day (USD)


2 swinging motions, music, variable speeds more info on swing rental...
$5.00 per day (USD)

Portable Swing

easy to move from room to room or in the car more info on portable swing rental...
$3.00 per day (USD)

Bouncer Seat

musical vibrating seat with safety belt more info on bouncer seat rental...
$4.00 per day (USD)


hear the baby with this audio monitor more info on monitor rental...
$3.00 per day (USD)